Notes for grade 12

 ** 10 school days are required to process transcript requests. Last minute requests are not guaranteed. 

** We do not send SAT/ACT scores.


Remaining Deadlines:


October  12, 2017 at 2 PM: For Transcripts to be out by November 1 (Early Decision/ Early Action Deadline)

November 3, 2017 at 2PM: For Transcripts to be out before Thanksgiving Break

December 1, 2017 at 2PM: For Transcripts to be out before Christmas Break


****If colleges are not listed on Naviance, if Common App or other documents (like recommendations)are missing, if Common App is not linked on Naviance, or if you do not follow instructions, this will delay your process.

If you want to meet a transcript deadline you must do the following before the deadline above:
1. Send SAT/ACT Scores .
2. Apply!
3. Add Colleges and Request transcripts on Naviance.Then, match Common App to Naviance if you are using Common App. If you are not using Common App you, obviously, can not match.
4. Make sure you have recommendations posted to Naviance, as needed. All recommendations must be available on Naviance in order for The School Counseling Office to meet admission deadlines. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with Guidance to let them know if there is an issue in this regard.
5. Pay for transcripts in the Finance Office.
6. Fill out the transcript request form for each school, attach your Finance Office Receipt, and hand DIRECTLY to Guidance.

Failure to follow this procedure will result in a delayed process.


1.  In order for Common Application Requests to be processed you must have LINKED  your Naviance and Common App on Naviance and have   any required recommendations posted as well.
2.   If your recommendations are not posted at the time of your request, you will need to email me as soon as they are available so that we know to send them. We will not ask you. You must make this request via email.
 3.   It is advised that you also order your SAT/ACT’s to be sent soon if you are trying to meet a deadline. We do not send SAT/ACT scores.
 4. Remember that any day we are not in school  is a day when  transcripts can not be processed. (Plan your process accordingly.)
5. We process your request within ten days. you must provide 10 school days for processing. Once that time has passed, feel free to check in to assure completion of your request.

6.  No one should complete a transcript request form until they have completed all applications for which they are requesting transcripts.

7.  You can apply before taking the ACT/SAT, but should schedule your ACT/SAT before you complete the application. If you have already taken your ACT/SAT you should send those scores as soon as possible because it can take weeks to months for those scores to be received by colleges.
-If you are a student athlete, and plan to play in college, you must send your ACT/SAT scores to the NCAA in order to register.

8.  Those thinking about  entering the world of work or of attending community college before applying to a four year institution should still apply to at least 1-3 colleges in order to practice the process. In truth, the college application process is a valuable learning experience, many may find the social college experience is best when you begin at the institution granting your degree,  some graduate programs look more favorably upon those with only four year degree granting institutions on their resume, financial aid is minimal in community college, and you may be surprised to see the scholarships and grants for which you may qualify. Please discuss your community college plans with Guidance before you decide not to apply elsewhere.

9.  Students who feel they must study at community college before transferring to a four year institution should get acquainted with the transfer agreements at their chosen institutions, should obtain paper copies of recommendations at the end of the school year  (in sealed envelopes), and should take the ACT/SAT as they may be required to do so later on anyway.


Notes for grade 11


There are many things that we recommend doing during the year to prepare for the future. Among them are community service participation (above and beyond requirements), engagement in clubs, groups, teams, and activities, taking a leadership role in your organizations, and focusing on improving your academic performance.

The following lists below are additional important tasks. Please use your Naviance account for Career and College Resources.  Share your login information with your Parents and/or Guardians.

If you have questions or need assistance, put in a request to see your counselor.  Forms are in the Guidance Office, Room 107.


  1. Focus On Your Academic Performance: Know the grading system at Conwell-Egan Catholic, check in with your teachers, ask for help from teachers, Catapult teachers, and peers (NHS Tutoring) as soon as you feel there is an issue. There is also help from Homework Zone after school.
  2. Conduct Your College Search  & Explore Your Possible College Majors:  Please go to and complete the college search. Begin to explore possible college majors either through the College Board Site or through PACAreerZone.Org.
  3. List 6-10 Colleges To Colleges I am thinking aboutBegin to create a list of colleges you may want to apply to. Senior year, decide which colleges you are applying to and move them to colleges I am applying to.
  4. Take the SAT/ACT before the end of Junior Year: Juniors are strongly encouraged to take a SAT and/or ACT before the end of Junior year. (Many typically take these tests from January onward.) SAT registration can be accessed through and ACT registration can be accessed by visiting the
    • Both tests allow four free score reports to be sent to Colleges, NCAA and/or Scholarship Organizations. Colleges want score reports directly from the testing organizations. Conwell-Egan Catholic does not send SAT/ACT score reports. We recommend students having these score reports sent prior to their senior year. More information is on the SAT/ACT websites ( for SAT, for ACT).  If a student qualifies for a SAT/ACT fee waiver, the student must use the guidelines as listed on the SAT/ACT websites ( for SAT, for ACT)Students, who may qualify for special accommodations for the SAT/ACT need to follow the guidelines as listed on the SAT/ACT websites. All documentation requirements and consent forms are listed on the websites and both must be provided to the Guidance Office prior to applying ( for SAT, for ACT). Additional questions about accommodations can be found on both SAT/ACT websites.
  5. Go On College Visits:  Plan College visits for the spring or summer if possible.
  6. Create Your Resume  and Ask for Recommendations (In Person and on Naviance) after January 1st:  You can begin to take a leadership role in your clubs, groups, teams. Volunteering beyond required hours looks great to colleges and scholarship organizations. Click on “about me” and complete the resume. Print this document and give it to your teachers. You are expected to ask at least two teachers and one counselor for recommendations in person in the spring of this year. Ask teachers and counselors for recommendations between January 1st and April 1st, so that teachers can post these files sometime in the fall of your senior year. You request recommendations in person and on Naviance. For Naviance you will begin by clicking the College tab above, clicking colleges I’m applying to, and then scrolling to the bottom to add teacher recommendation requests. Select your teacher from the drop down list, and write them a note. When you do so please, let them know that you will need both a Common App teacher form and a regular recommendation. Teachers that would like to do so may also place a hard copy in your guidance file. However, only those recommendations uploaded onto Naviance will be sent from Conwell-Egan Catholic.
  7. NCAA:  Students hoping to play college sports should register with EligibilityCenter.Org. You should have your junior and senior year SAT/ACT scores sent to the NCAA, should make sure you have taken all required courses, and should  (at the end of this year) request junior year final transcripts to be sent to the NCAA.
  8. Great Summer Program- “PFEW”-Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a hands-on business program open to all Juniors and Sophomores. Students get to live on a college campus, hear motivational speakers and learn about business/ advertising. You do not have to major in Business to attend. Free to apply at PFEW.Org.  Make sure you get you free application in by the deadline date.

Notes for grades 9 & 10

ACADEMICS: Keep your grades up. You are developing your cumulative GPA, a mathematical combination of all of your four years of academic performance. Every year counts and colleges will consider your first three years of high school most especially when they make their decision to offer you admission. Go to CollegeBoard.Org and explore the PSAT portion of the site in preparation for your PSAT’s which you will take each year.

CAREER EXPLORATION: Use the career tools on Naviance to explore careers (Click Careers and click on the Career Interest Profiler and the Personality Type buttons to complete those tasks). Visit PACareerZone.Org and use the” Assess Me” tools to explore careers, find out what major you might pursue in college, and to explore the educational requirements for a career.

Update a list of possible careers that interest you. Add to this list as you move through your four years.

COLLEGE EXPLORATION: When you receive your PSAT results, be sure to create a CollegeBoard.Org account if you have not already done so. Save your log-in information because you will use this account to register for your SAT’s in the spring of Junior Year.

Create a starter list of colleges if you have not already done so. These can be places that you’ve heard of from older siblings, family friends, upperclassmen here at Conwell-Egan Catholic, teachers, or family members. You can also go to CollegeBoard.Org and click “College Search” to find a good college fit.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Continue your participation in a few clubs, organizations, groups, or teams. The quality of your involvement is more important than the number of things you join. This means that being a participant and active member or leader within two or three activities is better than showing up once in a while to seven!  These extracurricular look great when you are applying to college and are a great way to meet people who like the same things that interest you.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: You need to complete a certain number of Christian Service hours each year, but completing more than required and getting involved in your own church or community also looks good to colleges and universities and can help you get additional scholarships.

TEACHERS: Create positive academic relationships with your teachers.  Ask for help when you need it, seek extra tutoring if you are not doing well. Be kind and attentive in class. Cooperate with your teachers. Ask questions and be polite to your teachers. Forming positive academic relationships with these teachers is necessary because part of the college application process for most colleges/universities is a set of teacher recommendations.

ATTENDANCE: Attend school on time each day.

PFEW: Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a hands-on business program. Students get to live on a college campus in a dorm. There are motivational speakers and the event looks impressive on college applications. To apply go to PFEW.Org and contact Ms. Meyers.
NCAA: Students planning to playing a sport at the college level should visit EligibilityCenter.Org.  There are specific classes and grades that students must have in order to qualify for NCAA eligibility. Ask your counselor for details after visiting the website above.

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