Parents and students are the lifeblood of our school and we love hearing their feedback and why they chose CEC. See for yourself what others are saying!




Kathleen (Conwell ’89) and Jim Chalmers (Langhorne, PA)

Son, Matthew (Class of 2017) | Son, Sean (Class of 2019) | Daughter, Alex (Class of 2020)

“I remember starting the search for high school for my oldest child.  It was like finding the right college to attend years ago.  So many options, which one is the best for my child, how far do I want to drive to get there, how long of a bus ride for my child, what is the cost, what about academics, what is the availability of playing sports, transportation… sound familiar? Trying to help guide your child (and yourself) through all of the open houses, the meetings, what school is the best place for your child it’s all overwhelming. The peer pressure your child has in what schools they are looking at, the peer pressure as a parent in where you are deciding to send your child, it’s overwhelming, too overwhelming… THEN, we walked into Conwell-Egan Catholic. We walked through the doors and were welcomed by so many warm faces and smiles.  Everyone, including the student body, was so polite, so welcoming, it almost felt like home.  In other schools asking questions, I felt like it was here it is, like us or leave us. But at CEC it was this is what we are about, this is how we go about it, now what can we do to help you in your decision, what more do you need from us.  That overwhelming feeling went away, and not only for me, but for my children.  They shadowed and were welcomed by the student body, by the teachers, the staff, and they knew it was where they wanted to be. Conwell-Egan is like a family, not just for the students but for the parents.  Other parents always make you feel welcome if you are there with your first child or your last child, it doesn’t matter – you are a CEC family member!  The class sizes are amazing, the teachers work closely with the students, great friendships are made and the teachers are available before and after school often for the students.  Activities to be a part of: amazing. Spirit Night speaks volumes for the school spirit (and talent) at CEC! Choosing a high school today is daunting, but it was a decision that became obvious to both the parents and student in our family… Don’t miss out on what CEC has to offer!”


Suann and Rob Sims (Yardley, PA)

Son, Peter (Class of 2018) | Daughter, Helena (Class of 2021)

“Changing schools for your child is never ideal. But, in the winter of our son’s sophomore year we were faced with this challenge. We wanted to continue his Catholic school education, which brought us to Conwell-Egan Catholic. We contacted Mrs. Kane in admissions, and she was so welcoming and assuring. Right away we felt comfortable. She couldn’t do enough to help all of us through the process of transferring schools. As we were enrolling, she found a t-shirt with the schools name for our son! But, what made us feel like we had made the right decision was when the principal and president met us at the door and welcomed us into the CEC family. Those words bought such comfort to us. We knew that this was the right place for us! We can’t say enough good things about his experiences here so far. The teachers were all so kind and welcoming. They made this transition so smooth and easy for him. He quickly fit into the routine of the day and was challenged by the classes. He came home happy each day. The students here at CEC are amazing. They embraced him and never made him feel like the new kid. He quickly made friends and I’ve even heard someone describe him as her best friend. What a great feeling for him and us too! Even though the play had started he was able to join stage crew and he found a new passion in it. Also, spirit night was underway, but the team captain allowed him to join the team and he had the time of his life. As a parent it was so much fun watching him participate in Spirit Night with his new friends. Again our decision to come to CEC was validated. As parents of a Catholic school student, we know how important parent volunteerism is. We were fortunate enough to come from a K-8 school where we were able to participate in school functions. At most high schools, parents aren’t needed as much, but here at CEC there is a very active Mother’s club-L.A.C.E. and a Father’s guild. We joined both and have met some of the nicest people who, like us like to be involved. We feel very fortunate to be part of the Conwell-Egan Catholic Family.”


Margie and John Baker (Yardley, PA)

Daughter, Bridgett (Class of 2019) | Daughter, Sarah (Class of 2021)

“Conwell-Egan has been an excellent choice for our daughter. The curriculum is challenging, the teachers are engaging and the administration is involved and concerned about what is important for all of the students.  CEC has a small school feel, yet it’s large enough to have a diverse student population.  Our daughter has been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities since her freshman year ranging from Track & Field, Choir, Ink Slingers, Spirit Nite, Students for Life, Community Service Corps, Drama, Mini-Thon, National Honor Society and the Debate Club.  She has a solid base of friends from all over the local area and she looks forward to going to school every day.  One of the things that continues to impress us are the number and amount of scholarships being offered by all types of colleges from large Ivy League Universities to small State Colleges.  We’re looking forward to sending our other daughter here next year!”

Deanna Fiduccia (Conwell ’89) (Yardley, PA)

Daughter, Elaina (Class of 2019)

“I am elated by Elaina’s decision to attended CEC not only because of all the opportunities the school has to offer but also because she is the 14th relative in my family to attend!  I am a 1989 graduate of Bishop Conwell.  Elaina’s aunts, uncles and cousins have attended Bishop Conwell, Bishop Egan and now Conwell-Egan.

From Elaina’s point of view, she expressed several times to me that she “doesn’t want Freshmen year to end!”  Her first year was such a success because not only did she make friends with her Freshmen classmates but also the upperclassmen. From the beginning, the students throughout the school made her feel welcome!  Elaina had the opportunities to meet, interact and, of course, become friends with many students through her Honors classes, sports and the time-honored, “Spirit Night”.

Academically, all the teachers are approachable in making themselves available for student help.  Three times (3x) per year the school holds a Parent-Teacher Conference so that parents can meet and voice their questions or concerns to their child(ren)’s teachers in a personal environment. Conwell-Egan is an awesome school!  The pride, respect and comradery shown by the student body are evident from the expressed happiness from my own daughter!”

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